Paula and her two children were beyond excited when her daughter, Emarie, arrived just

three short years ago. “Bringing in a new addition to the family was very exciting/change for

me,” she says. About all three of her children, Paula states, “They are caring and loving and

overall great kids. I would do it all over again if I had to.” Even with such amazing kids, Paula

was facing challenges. Particularly, Paula was struggling “to find childcare and trying to

work to provide for [her] family.” Paula explains, “I don’t have much help or family… At that

moment in my life, I actually was starting over.”  

Then, Paula walked through the door of Atlanta Children’s Shelter. On that February day,

Paula “was very happy and thankful… It was truly a blessing, and I wouldn’t change

anything.” ACS not only provides Emarie with high-quality early childhood education, but

also offers Paula wraparound support services, including career and education support,

mental health services, emotional support, and more! Paula notes that the support of our

Family Services team has been vital, “I know if I need someone to talk to about personal

issues, I would be able to vent as well.” For Emarie, the experience of quality education has

made a major difference! 

Emarie “is in a peaceful, positive environment” and “learning something new every day.”

Not only has she mastered potty training since joining our program, but her language use has

improved significantly. “She loves coming to school every day,” Paula says. Emarie’s

teachers, Ms. Jackie and Ms. Chasity, say that Emarie is, “smart, peaceful, and loving…

Emarie is also a very good listener.” With our qualified teaching staff, her supportive mother,

and Emarie’s love for learning, it’s no wonder she’s succeeding! 

With Emarie safe in the hands of our qualified faculty, Paula was able to continue working

her $15/hr position in food service. This job is an accomplishment, but Paula wants, “to find

a better source of income stability, to hold it down, and to eventually have a house that I can

turn into a home for me and my children.” Paula is continuing her job search to find this

income stability with ACS staff alongside her. “ACS gives us chances to do what we have to

do, and it means a lot to me,” she says. 

With this support, Paula states, “ACS makes me feel confident and in control of my life

because it matters what happens to me. Now I have something to fall back on/lean on.”

Paula also mentions, “When we may be in need of something, I always know I can ask for

help.” Paula and her kiddos “have faced many obstacles,” but she says, “Sometimes making

a way out of no way means the most.”  

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