A year ago, twenty-seven year old Ebonee enrolled in the Atlanta Children’s Shelter (ACS), seeking the resources she need to bring her family to stability. Arriving at ACS, Ebonee felt apprehensive because “I didn’t know what to expect.” However, Ebonee now feels “much more confident,”and with ACS resources, she has felt “strong persevering through the seasons.”

Through ACS, Ebonee has accessed many resources including free mental health services as she explains, “ACS has helped me with therapy and healing from my own trauma.” Additionally, Ebonee mentions that she’s learned and is implementing “new parenting techniques conducive to potty training, emotion regulating, etc.”

In fact, some of Ebonee’s most cherished moments at ACS are watching her daughter thrive at home and at school as she notes, “Seeing my daughter develop, thrive, and learn new words/phrases has made me smile.” Our Early Childhood Education program has provided Genevieve with the foundation she needs for academic success, and her growth continues each day. When Genevieve first arrived, she was shy and non-expressive, but now Genevieve is a bubbly, talkative student, excelling in all her skill areas and busting through her developmental milestones.

But it’s not just Genevieve whose education and development is supported. With tuition and rent assistance, Ebonee first explored her interest in becoming an esthetician, but in the process, she discovered her true passion, radiology and healthcare. Now, Ebonee is working towards her medical assistant certification, and “I want to dive into the healthcare field after I graduate from UEI college this November. I plan to become a radiologist within the next 3-5 years … [so] I can secure my daughter and I’s future along with helping patients with accurate diagnoses.” Most recently, Ebonee’s hard work and dedication landed her on the honor roll, a significant academic achievement!

Ebonee continues to work towards her dreams and her goals all to provide her daughter, Genevieve, with a stable and secure life, all the while with ACS alongside her. Ebonee states, “I can’t thank ACS enough for their…structure; it’s definitely built and instilled character, integrity, and purpose that I will carry with me when I transcend into my next stage(s) of life, genuinely.” With a gift today, you can support parents like Ebonee, parents who want and are working hard toward a better life for themselves and for their children.