A year ago, Deasia felt the weight of “little support and love” in her life. She

needed “help as a single mother” to a ten-month-old infant. Deasia turned to ACS

“looking for help for me and my daughter.” 

Stepping into ACS, Deasia was nervous about her new surroundings. But soon, she felt

“welcomed and supported” the way she’d always deserved. With the support of ACS,

Deasia’s life turned. In a few short weeks, she secured a position with the Atlanta Voters

Registration Project. As she worked to register neighbors, her passion for helping others

blossomed. Recognizing her own passion, Deasia enrolled in the Wellspring

Women’s Academy, a career development program.

With the Wellspring Women’s Academy, Deasia embarked on a professional

development journey. First, she completed 8 weeks of classroom career training. Following

this training, Deasia completed a 12-week paid apprenticeship. Now, Deasia has the

tools necessary for a fulfilling lifelong career. While Deasia pursued her career, her

daughter, Nadia, was safe in the hands of our qualified faculty at ACS. Nadia is still walking,

talking, and giggling the day away in our Toddler 1 classroom.

To Deasia, her daughter’s safety and happiness are the highest priority. “Atlanta

Children’s Shelter has overly extended their blessings to me by allowing my daughter

to come and be in their safe space. Knowing that my daughter is protected, eating good, and

growing is more than enough.” Deasia also recalls the genuine love and support she,

herself, received from ACS. When Deasia moved into her new apartment, ACS

provided support and a home starter kit. Home starter kits include dishes, silverware,

cleaning supplies, linens, pillows, and more. When birthdays and milestones arose, ACS

was there to celebrate. ACS continues to stand by Deasia every step of the way.

With all her accomplishments, Deasia knows, “I am a strong, beautiful, black woman

who is paving the way for ALL black women. I am a survivor and advocate for positive black

women.” Now, Deasia dreams of her own organic farm for “battered beings looking for a

space to heal…with horses, chickens, cows, etc.”

Through it all, Deasia’s journey exemplifies her belief that “anything is possible.” She

urges others not to give up but to keep pushing forward.

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