Privacy Statement

Privacy Issues – Client Confidentiality

The Atlanta Children’s Shelter (ACS) has incorporated the following comprehensive procedures to protect the privacy of clients who receive our services. The client has the right, within the law, to personal and informational privacy, as is manifested by the following rights:

  1. To refuse to talk with or see anyone not affiliated with the Atlanta Children’s Shelter.
  2. To be interviewed in surroundings designed to assure reasonable visual and auditory privacy.
  3. To expect that any discussion or consultation involving the client’s case will be conducted discreetly and that individuals not directly involved in the client’s care will not be present without the client’s permission.
  4. To have the client’s record read only by those directly involved with the client’s care. Other individuals can only read the client’s record upon the client’s written authorization or that of a legally authorized representative.
  5. To expect all communications and other information pertaining to the client’s care be treated as confidential.
  6. To understand that under certain conditions ACS may be required legally to disclose confidential information. This may occur if there is any evidence of child abuse, if there is evidence one may harm others or oneself, or if a court orders that information be disclosed.

Privacy Policy – Data Systems

The Atlanta Children’s Shelter is a user of the Pathways Community Network. Sensitive information (such as a social security number) submitted via the Pathways website, such information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry. All ACS Pathways users are kept up-to-date on security and privacy practices. As a user agency, ACS staff is required to agree to the following:

  1. Use of shared data must be based on client choice. Each client has control over which agencies access her/his data.
  2. Each client is asked to sign a Client Authorization Form giving her/his permission for information on the system to be accessed, and for new information added to the system. This form details the kinds of information that may potentially be shared between agencies with the client’s permission, and the kinds of data that will not be shared. If the client does not sign the Client Authorization Form, her/his record must not be accessed.
  3. Each participating social services provider posts a list of other participating agencies in the local area, and provides clients with printed lists of participating providers on request.
  4. Participating agencies must have a grievance procedure that offers clients an opportunity to make complaints and have them addressed promptly and openly.
  5. Users are required to participate in regularly scheduled confidentiality and best practices training, facilitated by qualified presenters.

Privacy Policy – Online Donations

The Atlanta Children’s Shelter is committed to preserving the privacy of its donors and volunteers, and safeguarding their information online. The following statement describes how online donor and volunteer information is protected.

ACS does not sell, loan or trade names or other personal data on its donors or volunteers nor do we maintain any credit card information. Credit card donations through our website are processed exclusively by Network for Good. Network for Good is committed to providing safe, secure and private online transactions. For further details about their privacy practices, please consult their privacy and security policy directly at

When a donation is made through our website, Network for Good shares your contact information (name, address and e-mail address) with us, and an acknowledgement letter will be sent from ACS. We maintain this information in our database of supporters in order to keep you abreast of our work and related issues that may be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive materials (such as the quarterly Newsletter) from us, you can send an email to and we will remove you from our mailing lists.

ACS uses additional web-based fundraising platforms during off-site events to collect donations and facilitate ACS event registrations and activities. The following platforms may be used at these events:

  • Square       
  • PayPal        
  • WePay       
  • Crowdrise  
  • GoFundMe
  • ClickNPledge
  • GiveSmart 

If you have any questions about our privacy policies, please contact:

Sandra Holiday, Esq., Executive Director
Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc.
P O Box 54322
Atlanta, GA 30308
404-892-3713 ext. 5428