This month, our Early Childhood Education students dove into Black History, celebrating

the remarkable achievements and contributions of Black individuals. They didn’t just

learn about the past; they saw themselves reflected in their learning environment,

embracing diversity and honoring the experiences of the Black community.

In our classrooms, we explored the incredible accomplishments of African Americans

despite facing immense challenges. From inventors like Garret Morgan, who gave us

the stoplight, to trailblazers like Madame CJ Walker, who revolutionized hair care, and

sports icons like Jackie Robinson and Florence Griffith-Joyner, we celebrated the movers

and shakers who shaped American society.

Through engaging books and hands-on activities, our students connected with these

inspiring figures, learning about their stories and the impact they’ve had. By highlighting

representation not only during Black History Month but every month, we empower

our young learners, showing them that the sky’s the limit for their dreams and aspirations.