Already Cameron Turner is moving and shaking as our new Executive Director! She’s leading

staff breakfasts, conducting feedback interviews, exploring our classrooms, and meeting

parents. In Cameron’s words, she’s “collaboratively work[ing] with our teams to serve our

families, raise funds, and make meaningful connections across our community.” We are

excited to have her as part of the ACS team!

Cameron came to ACS with a passion for helping nonprofits grow. She also believes that

“families challenged with homelessness and generational poverty deserve the highest level

of care and support.” Cameron loves connecting with other Atlantans, companies, and

nonprofits. She’s already making strides to facilitate new connections and nurturing existing


Cameron has also experienced some meaningful moments in our classrooms:

“I was in the Toddler 2 classroom, and our amazing teacher was teaching

names and numbers. The activity was to recognize their name and stack

blocks that aligned with the number that was next to their name. After several

other class members went through the activity, [a student’s] name was pulled,

and it took her a second to recognize her name. When she did, her face lit up

and she was so excited. To be a part of the activity and to learn numbers

brought her such excitement. I will forever remember that joy and look forward

to seeing that excitement among our other kids.”

Other meaningful moments include witnessing our staff’s passion and our community’s

dedication. “While I have only been here for a few weeks, it gives me life to spend time with

our kids and their parents.  Building relationships is the core of what we do,” Cameron

says, “Each child and parent we serve deserves to live the life they desire.” With Cameron

leading the way, we are grateful for the present and looking forward to the future.