Walking into Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Ebonee was apprehensive

but optimistic. After losing housing, she needed childcare for her toddler,

Genevieve, and support from our Family Services team. With our ACS staff

in her corner, Ebonee turned towards a better future, and she didn’t

look back.

First, Ebonee enrolled her child in our Toddler 2 classroom with

Lead Teacher, Ms. Tameela. “Seeing my daughter happy, learning, and

flourishing has made me smile,” Ebonee says. With the confidence

her daughter would be safe and happy, Ebonee could enroll at the

Piedmont Health and Style Institute.

“[By enrolling in technical school], I hope to gain a do-over and second

chance to improve and do better than before,” says Ebonee.

With ACS childcare, Ebonee is working towards her Esthetician

license. Once licensed to practice skin therapy, she plans to open her own

salon for children with eczema, rosacea, and other skin conditions.

Each day with ACS staff in her corner, Ebonee is closer to

achieving her goals.

“ACS has helped me acquire stability, support, and a plan for the

foreseeable future,” says Ebonee. “This support has meant to me that

I’m not alone nor am I overlooked; I’m valued, respected, and appreciated.”

Being supported and respected is important to Ebonee. She wishes,

“More people understood that [homelessness] could happen to anyone…

I didn’t wake up and choose this story.”

Often, homelessness and its preceding challenges steal power and choice

from our parents. With a gift today, you can help empower our parents to

choose their life for themselves. With this empowerment, Ebonee says,

“I’ve regained a newer, clearer vision and purpose; I’m finding my path.”

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