Get ready to be inspired by the passion of our ECE intern, Jaycee Goodwin ’25! Jaycee is a

Public Policy: Economic Planning and Development major at Georgia State University!

Her answers to the questions below brought us so much warmth (and maybe even a few

tears!) that we had to share them! At ACS, Jaycee’s presence nurtures our students daily,

and we are honored to nurture her professional experience in return! Read below to learn

more about Jaycee’s internship experience!

1. What does interning at ACS look like?

As an intern at ACS, I work as a classroom assistant as well as complete secretarial duties. I

predominantly provide assistance to support the teachers and further encourage classroom

enrichment. My focus as an intern is to provide relational skill development to the students and

create a positive environment that welcomes joy and creativity. My days at ACS are always filled

with love and excitement, and the students always keep me on my toes! 

2. Why did you want to intern at ACS? 

Since I was introduced to ACS, I have always been impressed by the organization’s approach to

addressing homelessness in the local community and their rehabilitative presence in Atlanta. I have

found a passion for working with these children as the foundation being laid at this stage in their

lives will drastically contribute to their development and success for years to come. The

relationships I have grown with both the students and staff have been a true light in my life. The

kids inspire me each day I am present and encourage me to be a better person. I truly hope I have

been a fraction of an influence in their lives as they have been in mine. My world has become a

brighter place full of possibility since joining ACS, and I can thank each child individually

for that. 

3. What’s your best ACS memory so far? 

My best memory so far at ACS was this past Christmas. The kids truly embodied

the Christmas spirit and Santa Claus came to the center. As soon as he walked in the door, the

kids went crazy. I have never seen a group of kids so happy. We played with their new toys for

hours after that. We also decorated Christmas cookies; however, no one ate their cookies. They all

ate the whole tubes of icing and bottles of sprinkles, and it got EVERYWHERE. So many laughs

smiles, and memories were shared that day.

4. What is the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a student say/do?

My first time at the center, one of the students jokingly called me grandma as we were

about to race on the playground. I found this so funny and asked them how old they thought I was.

They all began to guess: ”80, 90, 50, 60, 100.” The closest guess was 40. The funniest part

is I am only 19. I laughed about that one for a long time. I must be quite wise and mature for my


5. What’s your favorite thing about interning at ACS? 

My favorite part of interning at ACS is the resilience of the students and the children’s genuine

perspective on the world. They make the most of every moment and are a gift, a true light. I

look forward to going to ACS each week. The students at ACS always have a smile on their

faces. There is much to learn from that kind of joyfulness. They are intelligent, kind,

optimistic, and have bright futures. I am eternally grateful for the role I have in working with them.

I love getting to see their progress in the classroom and their growth into their individuality. I am

so impressed by them. 

6. Why do you want to end family homelessness? 

I see the strength, love, and intelligence these students possess every time I am at the center. I

believe they are capable of such great things, have great minds and big hearts that can have a true

impact in the world. These students and their families deserve an environment and support system

where they can flourish to their full potential and accomplish everything they dream of. I want to

end family homelessness to see these dreams lived out, and these families and children to feel

happiness, safety, and comfort in their daily lives. 

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