Facing an eviction, Sydney arrived at Atlanta Children’s Shelter with his two-year-old son,

Corvell, in his arms. Living in a nearby shelter, Sydney needed a school for Corvell, who he

describes as his “everything… my baby.”  

Sydney’s sole focus and motivation is taking care of his son. With ACS’s support, he secured a

new job, but continued to work for a brighter future for himself and Corvell. His

determination led to him earning a Forklift Certification, landing a well-paying position in a

supply chain company, and transitioning from a shelter to a rented room while he and

Corvell search for the permanent housing that’s right for them. As Sydney has worked with

our Family Services team to build a strong career path and secure housing, Corvell has

worked incredibly hard in his Toddler 2 class, taking remarkable strides towards his

developmental milestones.  

As a witness to the journey of both father and son, Corvell’s teacher, Ms. Tameela, remarked,  

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sydney and his son, Corvell. Sydney is a very quiet

man. But when it comes down to his son, Corvell, he opens up… I have watched Sydney go from

not knowing the direction to go in to going in the right direction. We often chat in the morning,

and it’s always a pleasure speaking with him. I’m grateful to be part of Sydney and Corvell’s

village. Sydney’s motivation is Corvell. When I came to ACS a year ago and met Corvell,

he wasn’t talking, but now he has flourished: using long sentences, going to the bathroom

[independently], giving hugs, and saying, ‘See you tomorrow!’ as he leaves in the

evening. It truly is an inspiration to see the progress in both dad and son.” 

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