This month, the ECE Program kicked off the much-awaited 2023-2024 school year! Read on

to learn about all the excitement! 

Fostering Community, Igniting Curiosity 

Every moment at Atlanta Children’s Shelter is about community, and the first days of school

are no exception! In these first few weeks, our qualified faculty are working to build

beneficial classroom communities which includes guiding students and parents through new

routines, setting up classroom structure, creating strong learning dynamics, and assessing

students’ social and behavioral development to create lesson plans for the year. From the

tiniest preschoolers to our soon-to-be-graduates, we’re dedicated to creating an inclusive,

caring, and responsive space for both children and their families. Because it’s in these spaces

that the flowers of joyful learning bloom! 

Dazzling First Day Festivities 

The first day excitement buzzed as our friends from KPMG sprinkled their magic across the

building! With a flick of creativity, bulletin boards came to life, bursting with colors and

delightful phrases. And of course, let’s not forget the iconic first-day-of-school photos – a

timeless tradition! Our friends at KPMG helped us capture these images and share them with

our parents!   

Our kindergartners, especially, stepped into a brand-new adventure. Four preschool

superstars donned their uniforms with pride and embarked on the exploration of their fresh

learning environment. This year, these kiddos will spend time learning to read, spell, and

write, an important step in their lifelong learning journey. 

A Week of Triumphs! 

As our first week drew to a close, we cranked up the celebration meter with a Back to School

Bash! Thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporter, Melanie Lipscomb, our kids had a

blast in a bouncy house and cooled down with snow cones. Target team members facilitated

the Bash activities, ensuring smiles and laughter filled the air. Additionally, face painting,

scrumptious snacks, and outdoor games added the perfect sprinkle of fun to this event.

A Year of Marvels 

 This first month of school is only a glimpse of the incredible year we’re embracing. With

hearts full of excitement and a determination to make everyday count, we’re looking forward

to the discoveries, laughter, and growth that await us. Here’s to an unforgettable year of