Recently, the City of Atlanta introduced the Welcome H.O.M.E. initiative, a streamlined and

transparent system for permitting affordable housing projects. Streamlining the permitting

system simplifies the process for developers, which in turn, makes affordable housing a

more appealing investment.

The City hopes to speed up the permitting process for affordable housing through new

features such as a pre-submission program and a dedicated coordination team.

For our families at Atlanta Children’s Shelter (ACS), affordable housing is one of the biggest

barriers to breaking the cycle of poverty. ACS offers free early childhood education

in part so that parents do not have to make the choice between paying for childcare

and paying the rent. Of course, there’s no real choice between those two options, but

for parents living in poverty, both expenses can exceed their budget, leaving them in an

endless cycle of job loss due to lack of childcare, housing loss due to the job loss, and

it goes on.

We look forward to what the future holds for affordable housing in the City of Atlanta

and hope that the City continues its commitment with authentic efforts.