Ciera wanted something different for her family: “Throughout my life, my surroundings

have always been unstable, and I didn’t want that for my kids.” Her two sons, Ja’Karri and

Londyn, were toddlers when she arrived at Atlanta Children’s Shelter, and already, Ciera

was committed to making a better life for them. Ciera just wants “to keep my children in

a stable, structured environment and to be the best mom I can be.”  

Ciera’s proudest achievement is “the family that I created.” She describes her oldest son,

Londyn, as “incredibly smart and loving” child who “wants to know anything about

everything.” Ciera sees Ja’Karri as a “firecracker who will tell you what he needs you to

know” but also as “the sweetest little boy.” However, when first starting at ACS, Ciera’s

kiddos were encountering behavioral challenges, and she was concerned. Our Early

Childhood Education (ECE) staff linked Ciera with our play therapist, leading to free

behavioral health assessments and play therapy sessions for both Londyn and Ja’Karri.  

Ciera says, “I was honestly shocked at the support I got from their teachers and staff.

It was/is more than [the support] I got from my own family.” She accepted every ounce

of help she was offered so that her children could have the best life possible. Now, Ciera’s

kiddos have become “more confident [and] vocal. They communicate their wants and

needs [and] interact better with other kids.” Ciera feels gratitude for our ECE staff, “They

have done an AMAZING job keeping and educating my children. Even though there were

many dark moments, they . . . did more than their part to make sure my kids didn’t feel

any of that and remained kids.”  

While her children were safe in the hands of our qualified staff, Ciera was able to focus

on securing a career and housing. “I still can’t believe I found housing,” Ciera says. She’s

also working towards her cosmetology license and maintains a job in the food service

industry. It’s been a difficult journey, but at every step, Ciera has chosen something

different—a better life for her family.  

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