When Londyn first arrived at Atlanta Children’s Shelter, adjusting to change was difficult.

For many children at ACS, change and adjustment can be exceptionally challenging due to

past traumas caused by housing instability. At first, Londyn struggled to regulate his

emotions at school, especially during morning drop-off. Londyn loves his mother, Ciera, and

his little brother, Ja’Karri, very much, so saying goodbye for the day was tough.

However, Ciera, a dedicated mother to her children, accepted all the support ACS staff offered

and worked with Londyn to adjust to the changes. First, Londyn faced barriers in speech and

language which affected talking about emotions. These barriers are common amongst

children facing homelessness. To address these challenges, Londyn, along with all ACS

students, has received and continues to receive bi-weekly speech and language therapy from

graduate-level clinicians in partnership with Georgia State University. Londyn has also

received free behavioral health assessments and plenty of free play therapy in his time at


Now, when Londyn has big feelings, his teachers invite him to a cozy corner where he can do

his activities and have a small talk. One of Londyn’s teachers, Ms. Bri says, “Talking about

what made him upset and how can we prevent that from happening helps. By the time we are

done with the activities Londyn will say, ‘Okay Mrs. Bri, I’m ready to go back now.’” This

emotional expression is a vital part of helping children recover from trauma. Being able to

identify and talk about their feelings is the first step in addressing those feelings in a

healthy way.  

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