Did you know that 20 minutes of reading per day exposes children to 1.8 million words per year? In

fact, reading to a child three times a week can double their chance of a top 25% reading assessment

score! However, reading to a kiddo requires owning books. For families in poverty, this can be a major

barrier to child literacy. For every 300 children in a low-income area, there’s only one

age-appropriate book.  

That’s why we have a Little Library! Our Little Library

enhances our students’ access to age-appropriate

books, encouraging their literacy. As children engage

with these stories, they encounter new words in

context. Their parents can explain the meanings of

these new words, fostering students’ vocabularies.

After repeated exposure, students will incorporate

these words into their spoken vocabulary. With 20 minutes a day, that means students might know

and use the 1.8 million words they learned in one year! Reading also increases and improves world

knowledge, academic performance, and empathy! Making reading a routine cultivates a love for

reading at an early age. This love sets the foundation students need for lifelong learning!  

We’re so grateful to all the amazing supporters who made this Little Library possible. Every dollar

makes a difference! 

Sources: National Association for the Education of Young Children, National Center for Education Statistics, Handbook of Early Literacy Research (Volume 2)