Stephanie felt a wave of relief when she first came to Atlanta Children’s Shelter, saying, “Before coming here, I was concerned about having to roam the streets with a newborn and no money. I was afraid I’d never be able to work.”

ACS gave Stephanie free quality childcare and access to comprehensive support services as she worked to recover from homelessness. She says, “ACS saved my life and gave me absolute peace in knowing my sweet baby will be safe, secure, and well taken care of.”

Since her first day at ACS, Stephanie has worked incredibly hard to recover from homelessness. With the support of our Family Services Manager, Mary Busby, Stephanie has pursued a career aligning with her passions and now has a resume reflective of her strong abilities. Stephanie plans to achieve a master’s degree in psychology, and “become a mental health aid, supporting other women along the road to recovery.”

More than anything, Stephanie wants “to give back what has been given to me,” and to “become the best person I can be for my daughter.” Stephanie recognizes she is responsible for herself and for her daughter, and she has embraced this responsibility with incredible strength, working each and every day to make a better life for herself and for her eight month old daughter–she works to build generations of strength.