Twenty-two year-old Ms. Marion was referred to ACS after she called a helpline. Ms. Marion was nervous dropping off her daughter for the first time. “I had never been away from my baby,” she says. Over time, however, Ms. Marion grew more confident in ACS, noting a difference in how her daughter socializes.

Ms. Marion even notes the impact ACS has had on herself. Not only did ACS provide her with childcare so she could work and provide for her daughter, but she also says, “It makes me smile every morning when I talk to the teachers. They always have something good to say. No matter how hard your day starts off, you’re going to feel better on your way out the door.”

Smiles are very meaningful to Ms. Marion as she says, “You don’t have to look like what you’ve been through as long as you keep it together. Because I’ve been through a lot, but looking in the mirror and seeing a smile is better than letting your problems win.” With that smile on her face, Ms. Marion works hard to win because she believes, “Hard work will always give you what you want and NEED in life.”

Ms. Marion has shown so much strength and resilience in her journey, and we at ACS have witnessed Ms. Marion passing this strength to her daughter.