Ten years ago, Ebonee arrived at Atlanta Children’s Shelter for the first time. Her twin boys

were 3 years old, and she needed support. Ebonee worked hard to become self-sufficient, and

for a decade, she was. But then, “life turned upside down for me.” Ebonee came back to

ACS with her two sons and her three-year-old daughter, Mackenzie. “I knew this program

would get me back to being self-sufficient with their services and resources,” she says.

Our ACS staff welcomed Ebonee and her family back with open arms. Facing a lack of

transportation, childcare, and overall resources, Ebonee received the support and services

she needed: “I was given the opportunity to have childcare access, help with transportation

to find employment as well as job leads.” She hopes to gain advanced IT certifications to

further her career as well, saying, “An IT mentor who passed—I promised him I would get

my certification, and I’m doing just that.” 

As Ebonee worked to further her career and get her family back on their feet, her daughter

began to show signs of a possible development delay. Ebonee loves her daughter deeply,

describing her as “my sunshine…[who] shines her light everywhere she goes.” However,

“she hadn’t been around other kids her age in a controlled setting,” and both Mackenzie’s

teachers and her mother observed behaviors consistent with an autism diagnosis. But “with

the reassurance from [ACS] staff,” Ebonee felt strong facing this unknown. Our play

therapist, Leah, met with Ebonee to discuss Mackenzie’s need and ways to care for her.  

Now, Leah has sessions with Mackenzie regularly, working alongside our faculty to make

sure that she meets her developmental milestones. “Knowing [ACS] has the resources to

connect me to… the care and learning [Mackenzie] needs” made all the difference. Ebonee

adds, “The staff truly cares.” With a supportive mom and the mental health resources she

needs, Mackenzie is sure to thrive!

Going forward, she says, “I’m excited for the progress I will be making in this program.” For

Ebonee, it’s about the progress of her entire family: Ebonee wants to “show my kids

everything I wasn’t taught as a kid and ensure they have the knowledge to help them succeed

as adults.” When you donate to Atlanta Children’s Shelter, you’re supporting parents like

Ebonee, parents that are dedicated to supporting their children every step of the way. Would

you consider making a gift today to support families like Ebonee’s?