Host a Fundraiser

To get started with your Third-Party Event, contact Emily Stinson at 404-937-5436 or

Third-Party Fundraiser Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering to host an event to raise money for the Atlanta Children’s Shelter (ACS) and promote awareness of our programs to guide homeless families to self-sufficiency. There are many types of Third Party Events including Bake Sales, Black Tie Events, Car Washes, Golf Tournaments, Holiday Parties, Racing Events, Store Promotions, Wine Tastings, etc.

Here are a few guidelines to ensure you have a successful event.

  • All fundraising marketing materials/ and event promotions benefiting the Atlanta Children’s Shelter must be approved in advanced by a member of the ACS Development Team.
  • ACS declines responsibility for obtaining all insurance certificates, licensing, and permits associated with Third-Party Events.
  • ACS declines all legal and financial responsibility associated with Third-Party events.
  • All marketing materials should clearly state this event is sponsored by the Third-Party Organizer and ACS will net proceeds or listed as the beneficiary.
  • ACS will promote the Third-Party event through social media, email blast, and internal communication but can not confirm media coverage or expected attendance.
  • Third-Party Organizers must provide a truthful statement of the portion of proceeds in which the Atlanta Children’s Shelter will receive.
  • The Third-Party Organizers must provide a summary of the event proceeds within 30 days of the end of the event.
  • Any checks made payable to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter solicited on behalf of the Third-Party Organizer must be forwarded to ACS for processing and deposit.
  • A tax receipt can only be issued if the donation was made directly to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter and can only be provided with the donor’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Event expenses may be paid with donations made directly to the Third-Party Organizer but are not tax deductible.
  • Third-Party Organizers may not represent themselves as staff members of ACS.
  • Third-Party Organizers may speak about the Atlanta Children’s Shelter at the event using information provided and approved by an ACS Development Team member.
  • You may request the presence of an ACS Staff Member or Volunteer Speaker at your Third-Party event. ACS can not guarantee all requests will be granted.
  • You can download the Third Party Event form here.

Please note: The use of the Atlanta Children’s Shelter’s name, logo, or mission may not be used in any way without written approval from an Atlanta Children’s Shelter representative.