Weekly Dance Classes with the Kiddos

Since January, we’ve been offering weekly dance lessons in partnership with Tippi Toes East Atlanta, including baby ballet and preschool ballet, tap, and jazz classes. These dance classes for kids create a lively and inclusive space across the Additionally, these dance classes have been a perfect addition to our array of services for our tiny dancers, which already included speech and language therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, physical education, and more!

Benefits of Dance Classes

Dance not only boosts physical health but also sparks social skills, creativity, and cognitive growth. Also, students get the chance to joyfully dive into music, movement, and balance. The movement and balance in dance also help our students develop vital gross motor skills.

The Kiddos’ First Dance Recital

This month, our kiddos dazzled in their first dance recital! Our twice-yearly performances, in fall and spring, let the kids shine and show off their amazing progress. This month’s debut showcase was an absolute hit, bursting with joy and excitement! These events build confidence, foster teamwork, and create unforgettable memories for our students and their families. Catch the photos in the gallery below!

We’re thrilled to support kiddos by providing a nurturing environment where they can express themselves through dance!