Every year, we host our Mother’s Day Luncheon to treat our amazing moms and let them know how celebrated they are! This year’s event was hosted by Weston Cox of the Celebratory Story. The Celebratory Story also sponsored the event with $5,000! Wow! See our list of amazing event features below!

Special Gifts for Moms

  • A variety of high quality skincare and self-care products provided by The Celebratory Story and Martin Brower
  • Featured books focusing on motherhood and self-worth provided by the Celebratory Story
  • A self-protection alarm empowering moms with a reliable personal safety device provided by the Celebratory Story
  • Pampering products such as blankets and candles provided by The Suzuki School – Buckhead Campus

Generous Sponsorships

  • The Suzuki School – Buckhead Campus contributed $500 to support the celebration
  • Weston Cox & the Celebratory Story supported with a $5,000 sponsorship

Engaging Performances and Unique Offerings

  • Spoken Word Performance: By Zion the Light, an acclaimed spoken word artist, delivering heartfelt and inspiring poetry that resonated with the experiences of motherhood.
  • Permanent Jewelry: provided by Weld ATL and Sam Fendler, offering moms the chance to create lasting and meaningful pieces of jewelry, symbolizing their enduring love and dedication


We can’t wait for next year!