Congratulations to our Kindergarten Class of 2023! Our graduates have

learned so much this year like how to write using phonetic spelling, how to

read emergent text/readers, recognize sight words, count to 100, and so much

more! With all this learning, each of our Kindergarten grads met their

developmental milestones, preparing them for elementary school and

beyond. We couldn’t be more excited for our Kindergarten kiddos!

Students told us their favorite memories included exploring classroom

activity centers daily and learning about technology and tablets! Ms. Allison,

the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Director, stated that her favorite part of

the kindergarten class was their eagerness to learn and seeing how much

they’ve grown academically and socially-emotionally in such a short amount

of time. Ms. Brianna, Educational Curriculum Coordinator, shared that her

best kindergarten memories are the bubble party at the beginning of the year,

the family trip to the Children’s Museum, and working together to rake fall

leaves into piles and then jump in them. 

Kindergarteners, we can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future!

Best wishes to you, our cherished students!