From April 1st through 7th, Atlanta Children’s Shelter celebrated Week of

the Young Child (WOYC). Our friends at the National Association for the

Education of Young Children (NAEYC) created WOYC to celebrate early

learning and the little minds that make it so special. This week also

recognizes our incredible early childhood educators and the work they do

each day to build up our future generations.

ACS participates annually in this fun-filled week with hands-on,

collaborative activities encouraging movement and healthy lifestyles

through music, food, and art.

On “Music Monday,” our students walked with their favorite musical

instruments in their very own parade!

On “Tasty Tuesday,” our friends at KBP Foods helped our students explore

several food textures and tastes by providing tacos. Thank you, KBP,

for your continuous support of our students and families!

On “Work Together Wednesday,” our students used their best motor

skills to build cars provided by the Home Depot!

On “Artsy Thursday,” our students painted on canvases, and on Family

Fun Friday, our friends at World Changers Church helped our students

celebrate their families by setting up our bouncy castle, making cotton

candy, and providing snacks.

The ECE Program would like to thank our Board of Directors, Dwayne

McIntyre and Hua Li, for sponsoring activities and making WOYC a

memorable event for our kiddos!