Ms. Jasmine Burse was grateful for a referral to Atlanta Children’s Shelter.

For Ms. Burse, childcare allowed her to work, but more than that, “The

support has been positive” with “my children being happy to go to school.”

Ms. Burse is the mother of four children, ages 13, 6, 5, and 4, two of whom are

in school at ACS. Ms. Burse’s daughters have vibrant personalities with

an eagerness to explore and learn. Her love for her children is exemplified by

Ms. Burse’s hard work. In her time at ACS, Ms. Burse has completed

Randstad’s Hire Hope program and was selected for a full-time role with

the staffing company. She has also obtained permanent housing for her

family. Along the way, she has learned, “The more funds readily available

to you, the more important a budget is.”

In her spare time, Ms. Burse enjoys art, yoga and exercising. Others note Ms.

Burse’s authenticity as her most positive quality. She has passed this

authenticity to her children as well. Ms. Burse is very proud of the life she

leads and her ownership of it. In the future, she’s looking forward to passing

her Salesforce certification exam and hopes to purchase her own land. We’re

so proud of Ms. Burse, her accomplishments, and her dedication to

supporting her children!